If you are the person who wish that your personality to be reflected by your home, if you are the human being that believes in overcoming the limits and reaching the maximum potential, we can reflect this personal values in building the house of your  dreams, with the purpose to increase the quality of your own life.
We can do this by using the newest technologies, by setting the highest standards and
treating every project as a new challenge, finding the perfect solutions according to
your needs and your requirements.
We are looking forward to collaborate and work togheter.



Good vibe and dignity, respect and authenticity. Our work easily inspire these values, because the process through which we are choosing the design is preceeded by careful and in detail research, based on every context.
By doing so, we are able to deeply understand the space available to the project. This allows us to create a design that is not determined by the past and that does not condition the future.
This design is about the present moment, that is the only certain one.

Interior Design

Personality and style. Using this two specific traits of yourself, we are able to raise the value of the interior space to maximum potential.
To accomplish this purpose, our first priority is to track the progress of the project from beginning to the end. While tracking every move, we are studying the light projection first, followed by choosing carefully only the highest quality furniture, materials and textures.

Project Management

With this service we want to provide an know-how perspective of management systems which targets are architectural studies or any other process that has as a result an architectural product. This includes the development of a quality plan, work plan consultancy, cost analysis, administration, resources management, communication plans and monitoring and evaluation of the result.


Our work purpose is to recover the proffesional dialogue between architectural scales and urbanism, comprehending them as two inseparable faces of the same coin.
Our projects are defined by how we approach strategies and methodologies for achieving urban plans, both in the private section and public environments. We are constantly managing the scales of “city”, “house” and “thing”. By doing this, our team is able to develop methods based on their understanding, and, at the same time, integrated into the same geometric rules recognized in space and form.
Cec Architecture is formed as a stable and permanent multidisciplinary technical team that fully develops the set of different scales of architecture, urbanism and design.
In this way, we are able to raise the value of the urban space through a common relathionship between architectural scales and public environment, not by separating the two.


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