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Welcome to our first newsletter

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CEC Architecture is an architecture and interior design company based in Bucharest, Romania. Via our newsletters will give our readers a little peek into our projects, will tell you a bit about us and share a lot of useful information. 

The last nearly 3 years have been hard for a lot of us. However, it was also a great reminder about what really matters to us. At CEC Architecture we value family, respect, kindness and care for the environment, and above all, a job well done, and a satisfied and happy client. 

Pandemic meant a lot of working from home, something that a lot of us were not ready for. To this extent, CEC Architecture has designed some wonderful spaces for home work, using creativity to turn small spaces into a proper office. 

Media invite

Our founder, Emilian Calota was invited onto a live tv show on Metropola TV, called „Between friends” to speak about how we can design our offices when we work from home and we also have children. Father to a young boy, and a professional himself, Emilian knows very well the importance of having a dedicated space to work, surrounded by children. 

Emilian offered useful advice about how creativity can be used to come up with great solutions when we do not have too much space, or how we can turn that guest room or a playroom into an office. And when you are determined and you really know what you want, you can even have your office on the balcony, same as one of our clients. 

Intre prieteni
Emilian Calota
Emilian Calota

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Happy birthday!!!!

What makes CEC Architecture so great is our team members. This month our lovely Stefania had her birthday. Stefania, we wish you a very happy belated birthday. Stefania is one of our young talents, passionate about interior design, kind, funny and smart. Glad to have you around us! 


The Olympic Swimming/Sport Centre 

Drobeta Turnu Severin

We are happy to announce that as of next month, the swimming centre from Drobeta Turnu Severin will open to the public. The centre will host a swimming pool of 50 m long, the largest in this part of the country. A former public sport centre opened in 1986, has undergone a massive rehabilitation project at a cost of 12 mil euros. 

The project was a joint venture between INCERTRANS as general designer, CEC Architecture – specialty architecture and specialty coordination, PoP and Associates – specialty Resistance and CES Consulting Installations. A project started from the DALI design phase in 2018. 

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Events to keep an eye on 

The Romania Builds 2023 

In less than two months “The „Romania Builds” 2023 Regional Conferences will take place in Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iași and Craiova. Is an opportunity to bring together developers, builders, architects, public financiers and private investors with construction projects in progress or about to be launched, companies with solutions for construction. 

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Cities Forum 2023

The 5th edition of the Cities Forum is taking place in the beautiful city of Torino on March 16-17 for the official launch of EUI “innovating, sharing and inspiring for sustainable urban development in Europe”!

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