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March Newsletter 

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Welcome to our second newsletter. In this number we introduce you to our wonderful team members, some of us have been with us since our beginnings. 
As Henry Ford once said „If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” And this is just one of the qualities of our company. We help each other, so we can move forward together.

Without further ado, here are some of our amazing team members:

Iulia Mocanu

Iulia Maria Mocanu

Part of the architecture department, Iulia has a degree in architecture from a prestigious university in the county of Iasi, where she spent almost a decade. Iulia is passionate about art, drawing, reading and painting; she is very ambitious and always willing to learn more. Currently living in Bucharest, Iulia likes animals and outdoor activities. 

Ana Maria Durla

Ana-Maria Drula

Ana-Maria has a degree in Urbanism and a master in Urban Mobility from Ion Mincu University in Bucharest. Ana-Maria believes that both architecture and urbanism require continued professional development. She is an optimistic person, always finding her way out of a difficult situation. Currently, Ana-Maria studies a master in Urban Planning and Spatial Planning Law in Bucharest. 

Stefania Doia


Our lovely Stefi, the way she likes to be called, has a degree in Interior Design from Ion Mincu University, Bucharest. Although she has just begun her career, Stefi believes it is an opportunity for her to learn more, both on a  personal and professional level. She is very artistic and creative and as she says, the interior design was love at first sight. Stefi is full of energy, always in a good mood. In her free time, Stefi goes to the gym or hangs out with her friends. 

Cosmin Bratu 

Cosmin Bratu

Cosmin has been with us since 2018 and together we have produced many wonderful projects. He is quite a jovial person, reliable when you need him and whatever you are asking him, he will do his best to answer. During his free time, he works on making his dreams come true. And we know that one day he will fulfil all his dreams. 

Emilian Calota


Last but not least is our founder Emilian Calota. About Emilian we can for sure say that he is one of the best bosses. He has a degree in architecture from Spiru Haret University, Bucharest. As a senior architect and project manager, Emilian has designed well known nationally public projects such as the Vanju Mare hospital and the Olympic Swimming Centre from Drobeta Turnu Severin. 

In addition to his work, Emialin is also heavily involved in the voluntary sector. During his university years, Emilian founded the Architecture Student Association and currently is the president and founder of Association of Architects and Designers from Romania.

News about us 

The rehabilitation, modernization and expansion works of the Vânju Mare Hospital are making progress. 

During the last site visit, Emilian Calotă, together with stakeholders evaluated the progress of the works, which also includes the construction of a new building. The other two parts of the hospital, there is an interior progress of more than 70%.

Regarding the works on the new building, the resistance infrastructure, the foundations and the pillars have been completed at the moment.

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