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Building any project can be a huge job. There are many things to plan, organize and manage, such as contractors of various trades, materials and budget. Any delay can have a knock-on effect that in turn delays the project and adds unnecessary costs. CEC Architecture offers you project management services for architectural studies or any other process that results in an architectural product. This includes quality plan development, work plan consultancy, cost analysis, administration, resource management, communication plans, and outcome monitoring and evaluation.

Why is project management needed?

Architectural studies or projects are often complex and involve many stakeholders. A project manager is essential to the success of the project. An architectural project manager ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget, according to the integrity of the design so that the end result is what is expected.

This involves identifying and managing risks, coordinating professional teams, preventing/resolving disputes, careful management of resources and clear communication between multiple teams and stakeholders. Project management covers four stages:

  • Initiation

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Our process is simple and easy to follow to ensure your project is ready on time, on budget and stress free.

From the drawing board to the finished product

The architectural project manager has an important role in the delivery, cost control and quality of construction of a project, from initial planning to completion. These are important factors for customer and user satisfaction.

CEC Architecture provides you with specialist knowledge and expertise in architectural project management enabling you to add value to building design and construction.

Costs and delivery times are often underestimated. Detailed planning considers the big picture and sets realistic and achievable goals, budgets and deadlines.

By working proactively and with the right people, a project can be broken down into more manageable chunks based on tasks, milestones and deadlines, resulting in greater efficiency.

Quality control is an essential component in architectural projects. A project manager manages deadlines and objectives, and ensures that tasks are executed in accordance with quality standards.

Project management reduces project costs by improving efficiency, reducing risks and optimizing resources.


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