CEC Architecture team

We are a close team that participates in every project to ensure we deliver the best results.

Architect Emilian Calota

Founder CEC Architecture

  • The Faculty of Interior Architecture within the Spiru Haret University of Architecture and Urbanism.
  • Territory Planning and Regional Development Expert at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism.

Emilian Calotă is a qualified architect with signature rights and project manager. With almost a decade of professional experience delivering exceptional projects nationally, Emilian has built a reputation for beautifully crafted and well-thought-out projects. He is involved in all projects, especially in their design development stages, providing a unique perspective on architectural projects.

Stefania Lorena Doia

Departament Design Interior

The Faculty of Interior Architecture, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism.

Considered a novice in interior design, Stefania takes every opportunity to learn something new. Eager for personal and professional development, Ștefania believes that interior design is a complex and very creative field. A jovial and sociable nature, her goal is to combine the functionality of the space with the personal characteristics of the beneficiary, to provide him with a practical and comfortable environment.

Razvan Ion
Razvan Ion

Departament Urbanism

  • The Faculty of Urbanism, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, specialization in landscaping and planning.
  • Student in the first year of the Master of Urban Design.

Passionate about psychology, digital and sports, Răzvan is communicative and eager to help. Attentive to details, ambitious and confident in his own strength, Răzvan believes that change comes from within and when we all use our inner beauty the world would become better.


Ana Maria Durla

Departament Architecture

  • The Faculty of Urbanism and the Master of Urban Mobility, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism.
  • Master’s Degree in Urban and Spatial Planning Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest.

She believes that architecture and urban planning require continuous professional development, so she chose to do a master’s degree as well. Creative, with a brilliant mind, Ana-Maria is an optimistic person. He likes to travel and about new things.

Cosmin Bratu

Departament Arhitectura

  • The Faculty of Architecture, Spiru Haret University of Architecture and Urbanism.

Cosmin has been part of the CEC Architecture team since 2018. He pays special attention to the needs of our clients, Cosmin is a cheerful person, and you can always rely on him. He is ambitious, hardworking and spends his free time working on his own dreams.

Samuel Andone
Samuel Andone

Departament Urbanism

  • The Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture  “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism.
  • Student in the 1st year of the master’s degree in Urban Design.

In his free time he practices outdoor sports activities. Even though he works on a large scale, Samuel knows that the details make the difference in the design process.

Iulia Maria Mocanu

Architecture Departament

  • Architecture Faculty G.M. Cantacuzino” din Iași

Ambitious by nature, eager to learn and develop, Iulia is passionate about painting, drawing, reading and, of course, architecture.

As an architect, Iulia combines very well the analytical spirit with the artistic but also with creativity, a combination that she also reflects in various activities carried out in her free time.

Ana Haidautu


Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Construction within the Technical University of Construction in Bucharest.

Ana is an ambitious person, with analytical and results-oriented thinking. He knows that construction design must be done with great responsibility, paying great attention to every detail. When something new comes up, Ana does research and consults with other engineers so that everything goes well.

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