Our history, mission and values

Who we are

CEC Architecture is an architecture office that develops modern, innovative and advanced architecture with the aim of increasing people's quality of life. We carry out residential, commercial, industrial, interior design projects to the highest standards, applying the latest technologies. Each project is treated as a new challenge and the solutions approached by our team are based on the needs of our clients.

A complete design

An idea that comes to life in our hands. An outline that will include project description, goals, deliverables, goals and an estimated cost, not just shapes and colours.

Designed with care

In the design phase we provide the client with detailed design development and the experience of the entire team to achieve the best results.

Executed with excellence

Our design and architecture team oversees the entire project to ensure our projects are delivered as planned.

With the client from concept to completion

Our team consists of specialists in architecture and design, urbanism, interior design and project management. Every project we work on benefits from interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as the skills and experience of the entire team. Together we understand the complexity of the projects we work on: we enjoy the challenge of designing or renovating homes that deserve to be called home, contributing to the construction, restoration and improvement of public buildings to benefit the entire community.


With a focus on modern architecture, we want to build green, innovative and sustainable buildings to improve the way we live. Our mission is to change the world for the better and contribute to real societal progress towards a sustainable life. With the help of technology, and smart design we want to best integrate alternative energy, recycling, waste reduction and more in our projects.


CEC Architecture is based on a set of well-established values that guide us in our projects.

To build relationships with our customers based on trust and mutual respect.
Let’s help them achieve the best results.
Let’s respect their decisions and support them where they need it.
To strictly comply with the safety and quality standards required by law.

Care for the environment

CEC Architecture acts ethically, with responsibility towards the environment, through the projects we undertake to benefit the community and the city. We see development as an opportunity to provide the homes, jobs and amenities that future generations need, while reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible. Every project is based on the concept of sustainable living regardless of whether it is a public, residential or commercial building.

We use new techniques and sustainable materials to create elegant and environmentally friendly buildings. We explore in detail the positioning of the building so that the beneficiaries make the most of natural light as well as ventilation and are less dependent on the use of artificial means that need energy. We also reduce the use of materials that have limited resources and incorporate renewable energy sources such as solar panels into the design and initial plans.


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