Interior design is a way of life

We create a functional, warm and comfortable space that meets the needs of the beneficiary and reflects their values. A space where aesthetics come first, a space that tells a story and improves productivity. Starting from personality and style we are able to raise the value of the interior space to its maximum potential. To achieve this goal, our first priority is to track the progress of the project from start to finish. As we watch every move, we first study the projection of light, then carefully choose only the best quality furniture, materials and textures.

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Principles of interior design

Design elements are designed to create an aesthetic and functional interior. The interior design considers space, line, shape, light, colour, texture and pattern. Using these elements we can enhance the best features of a room, and we can create a pleasant and practical interior.

In interior design, balance refers to distributing furniture and decorative objects as evenly as possible to have the same visual appearance.

Unity is a significant feature of interior design. Every item of furniture, style and decor must work together to create a whole. Harmony is the coordination of objects and colors in a space. When harmony is used in interior design, it results in a cohesive and welcoming space.

One of the most obvious ways to create contrast is through the use of color. Combining light and dark or warm and cool colors can create a striking effect.

The vast majority of interiors use both natural and artificial lighting. The amount of natural light can be adjusted using curtains. Artificial light comes from room ambient or background lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.


Each project comes with its own challenges. Our team is prepared to deal with various unforeseen situations that may arise during the design.

Individual style

Each person is unique. And we discover your personal style and color preferences to create a functional, aesthetic interior that reflects your lifestyle.


Creativity is our strength. Our team helps you create an environment that meets your needs and inspires you to reach your potential every day.

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At CEC Architecture we approach design principles and elements with a unique perspective. Because we understand the importance of functionality and aesthetics in equal measure, we create beautiful and practical spaces. We pay special attention to details from the color palette to the look of the furniture.

Our goal is always to create personalized interiors that meet the specific needs of the beneficiaries. We take the time to get to know our customers so we can better understand their needs and wants for their homes. Then we use our expertise to bring them to life.


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