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Architecture is a collaborative process, a form of art, a reflection of culture. We specialize in all aspects of public, residential or commercial design. Our expertise spans many years of hard work and dedication, delivering luxurious and affordable design. The planning and construction process is complex and fraught with many obstacles that increase stress, costs that can even delay the project. CEC Architecture can help you with:

  • Project summary, budgets and timeline
    Concept Design + 3D Modeling
    Design and technical drawings
    Structural design
    Construction/demolition permit
    Cost planning and phase management
    Interior design
    Site visits
Balotesti rezidential

CEC Architecture gives you the results you need

CEC Architecture is about exceptional service. Our architects and designers are here to bring your vision to life. We are constantly working to create better spaces to live and work that offer you a better quality of life.

We can’t start construction if we don’t have a permit. Just as we cannot continue the project if we do not comply with the law regulations. Our team members are aware of the current legislation and we follow all legal requirements precisely.

In all our projects we want to improve the experience of users or beneficiaries. We create intuitive, friendly and warm spaces while meeting functional and legal requirements. 

Cost and time are two important factors in any project. We ensure that we choose quality materials within the client’s budget and do not block the development phases of the project.

One of the most important things to consider when constructing a building is its strength and safety, such as adequate fire protection.

You have an idea? Get in touch

Our process is simple and easy to follow to ensure your project is ready on time, on budget and stress free.

We understand your vision

We start by understanding more about your or your community's needs so we can align our expertise with the outcome you want to achieve.

Project planning

We want a more detailed plan of how it all works, the costs involved and other considerations ready for when you want to move forward.

Executare serviciu

Based on the instructions and information we receive, we will create a concept and technical design using 3D technology, ready to be sent for final approval.


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