Architect Emilian Calotă


Emilian Calotă is a qualified architect with signature rights and project manager. With almost a decade of professional experience delivering exceptional projects nationally, Emilian has built a reputation for beautifully crafted and well-thought-out projects. He is involved in all projects, especially in their design development stages, providing a unique perspective on architectural projects.

He wanted to design and create sustainable, high-quality buildings that bring social and civic benefits to the community and city, as such he founded CEC Architecture, an architecture firm that focuses on building structure, site considerations, energy use and green technologies.

Passionate about communication, Emilian frequently participates in various seminars, colloquiums and courses in the field of communication. He is also a responsible manager and a team member you can rely on. Recognized for his professionalism and seriousness, Emilian Calotă has a good knowledge of national legislation in relation to European legislation.

Emilian Calota

Professional experience

He started his internship as an architect in an individual architecture office in Bucharest where he was responsible for the realization of projects at the level of technical documentation for building authorization and the follow-up and coordination of construction execution and the realization of technical details related to the execution.

Later, he became general manager within the CEC Solution company, being responsible for the coordination of architectural projects, and currently he is an architect within the architecture and interior design office, CEC Architecture, being responsible for the coordination of architectural projects, the implementation and application of work procedures from within the company.

Projects done

As chief architect and architect with the right to sign, Emilian Calotă has carried out the following public and private projects:

  • Design, technical assistance from the designer and execution of works for the investment objective – Rehabilitation, modernization, equipment and expansion of swimming pool – Drobeta Turnu Severin Municipality, PAC phase, PTh-DE.
  • Stadium rehabilitation and equipment, Strehaia city, Mehedinti county, DALI phase.
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of Vînju Mare City Hospital, DALI phase.
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of Vînju Mare City Hospital phase DTAC, DTOE, AVIZE, PTH, DE.
  • Construction of the Palliative Care Department within Sighetu Marmației Municipal Hospital, SF and PAC phases.
  • Design phase D.T.A.C. – Modernization works, interior reconfiguration, expansion, facade remodelling and metal structure consolidation, keeping the height regime, Piața Delfinului, Bucharest.
My goal is to design beautiful spaces for our clients, and prioritize accessibility, practicality and construction.
Emilian Calota
Civic projects

Public and private projects are not the only sectors of interest for the architect Emilian Calota. Emilian also has a special interest in civic involvement in the field of architecture. During the faculty, he founded the Association of Architect Students at Spiru Haret University. He is currently a founding member and president of the Association of Architects and Designers from Romania.

Education and vocational training

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Spiru Haret University, and is currently studying the Territorial Planning and Regional Development Expert course at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism.

After graduating from the faculty, he attended various professional training courses in fields such as project management, diplomacy and protocol, prevention and combating corruption.