CEC Architecture is an architecture office that develops a modern, innovative and advanced architecture, with the purpose of increasing quality of life for people. We carry out residential, commercial, industrial, interior design projects at the highest standards, applying the latest technologies. Each project is treated as a new challenge and the solutions approached by our team are based on the needs of our clients.



Our work aims to create atmosphere and restore the dignity of spaces that can establish a dialogue with the environment. Our design process is guided by research and context analysis, which helps us to understand the current state of the space, allowing us to achieve a design that is not determined by the past and does not condition the future.

Interior Design

The main objective is to determined by personality and style interpretation of each client. Our team value the space studied by: light projection, furniture, materials, textures. To add value to our projects, we track the work from start to final state.

Project Management

With this service we want to provide an know-how perspective of management systems which targets are architectural studies or any other process that has as a result an architectural product. This includes the development of a quality plan, work plan consultancy, cost analysis, administration, resources management, communication plans, organization of the client organization and monitoring and evaluation of the result.


Our projects are defined by how we approach strategies and methodologies for achieving urban plans both in the private and public environments. CEC Architecture is formed as a stable and permanent multidisciplinary technical team that fully develops the set of different scales of architecture, urbanism and design. We understand that this constant management of the scales of  “city”, “houses” and “things” allows us to develop an integrated method based on their understanding,  and at the same time, integrated into the same geometric rules recognized in space and form. With our work we try to recover the professional dialogue between architectural scales and urbanism, comprehending them as two inseparable faces of the same coin that get their true value precisely in their common relationship and not in their separation.


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